S.S. White Aerospace

Flexible Shaft Applications

Variable Bleed Valve SystemVariable Bleed Value Syatem

Variable Bleed Valves are used on all turbine aircraft engines to increase efficiency and prevent possible stalls at starting, idling, and low speed operation. S.S. White Flexible Shafts drive the actuation of many of these VBV systems, ringing the engine circumference to drive the opening and closing of the valves. Up to a dozen flexible shaft may be used on one engine to drive the valves, which operate like doors opening and closing to adjust the airflow to the High Pressure compressor.

Fighter Jet Afterburner Nozzle Control

A fighter jet afterburner is comprised of a set of fuel injectors, a tube, a flame holder that the fuel burns in, and an adjustable exhaust nozzle. The actuators controlling the nozzle opening and closing are driven and synchronized by a series of flexible shafts that ring the engine. These flexible shafts are highly engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures and torque loads presented by this demanding application.

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