S.S. White Aerospace

Manufacturing Capabilities

S.S. White Aerospace produces flexible shafts using the world’s most sophisticated, state of the art, manufacturing equipment – much of which was designed and built by S.S. White.


Perflexion Perflexion is our computer modeling software based on Dr. Black’s work regarding the mechanics of flexible shafts. We utilize Perflexion for designing our flexible shafts as well as calculating all the critical manufacturing parameters needed as inputs to our Winding and Testing equipment.

Winding Equipment

Winding EquipmentIn order to match our manufacturing capabilities to our Perflexion driven design expertise, S.S. White needed to create sophisticated winding machines that could precisely control all the design parameters needed to create consistent, high performance flexible shafts. Most of these key parameters were developed and defined by S.S. White engineers over the years in our quest to produce the most reliable, consistent, highest quality flexible shaft possible for critical aerospace applications. Utilizing 100+ years of flexible shaft experience, S.S. White has today designed and built the most precise, state of the art, flexible shaft winding equipment in the world.

Testing Equipment

Testing EquipmentCritical Flexible shaft applications, like thrust reversers and flap and slat actuators, require careful testing to insure they meet the design parameters of the application. We have the ability to perform endurance and fatigue testing under simulated application conditions of torque, routing, speed, etc.

We have specialized testing equipment for the following tests:

  • Ultimate Torsional Strength
  • Yield Torsional Strength
  • Torsional Deflection
  • Torque to Rotate
  • Point of Helix
  • Bending Flexibility
  • Fatigue Life
  • Endurance Life
  • Axial Stretch
  • Hysteresis


AssemblyWe employ sophisticated computer controlled assembly equipment to ensure consistent performance of the final product. We utilize the best hydraulic radial presses available for attaching our fittings and ferrules to the flexible shaft assembly. Our workforce is highly experienced and trained in making aerospace assemblies.

CNC Machining

CNC MachiningWe have coupled our flexible shaft talents with expertise in CNC machining of aerospace components – an outgrowth of our years machining surgical orthopedic instruments for major OEM’s. Most of the machined components that go into our aerospace assemblies are manufactured by S.S. White on our own CNC machines. We have 32 CNC machines including CNC Lathes, Swiss Screw, EDM, and Milling machines available to make any component you may require.


PackagingWe take great care in packaging our aerospace flexible shafts. Typically, we ship all our aerospace assemblies in a straight condition to prevent them taking any type of "set" or "memory" while being stored at your warehouse.


CasingWe have machinery to extrude, braid, and wind metal liners for the casings our flexible shafts rotate within.

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